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i want to be able to surprise and hit my enemys hard so i thought about an unexpected special blaziken that would mostly be my tool to kill physical walls :

since most of todays blazikens are physical sweepers thanks to speed boost and most players allways carry some bulky physical pokemon that can take on those blazikens i thought of making a special moveset speed boost blaziken

abilety: speed boost
nature: modest
item: focus sash\air baloon
ev spread : 252 special attack , 252 speed , 6 HP
role : special sweeper

moveset :

fire blast-STAB

protect-in case of a speed boost needed

focus blast-low accurecy but hitting hard with STAB

hone calws\hidden power (grass\ice)-hone claws is there to boost the accurecy for fire blast and focus blast or hidden power (grass\ice) for coverege

hone claws is there not just for accurecy but to make the impretion as if the blaziken is physical .
the 2 main problems of this set is accurecy and no special attack boost thats why i thought of putting it in a team with a calm mind espeon with baton pass and thats why the hone claws are there .

im asking for tips for improvement and opinions
thanks :D


great time to be switching blisseys in to blazikens for that risk :P
Very low accuracy moves, I would replace fire blast with flamethrower, so you don't have to use hone claws to hit anything. I would replace protect with baton pass so you can pass on speed boosts and hone claws.

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Great moveset! I see that Blaziken's usually ignored Sp. Atk stat is actually barely trailing its Attack!

I see that the Hone Claws is a fake-out, but I hate to see wasted stat boosts :(
What you COULD try is a mixed Blaziken! You don't need Speed EVs with Speed Boost.


Item: Focus Sash
Nature: Naughty
EVs: 252 Sp. Atk/252 Atk/4 Spd
Moves: Protect, Baton Pass, Fire Blast, Hi Jump Kick