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Double hit's power?

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If double hit's base power is 35, since it hits twice would it overall be 70?

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Well, yeah.
35 X 2 = 70

Don't worry, your math is right, haha.

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Well I was wondering to see if it did 17.5 for each hit or 35 for each hit.
35 for each hit. No attack does a fraction of a damage, no .5, no .4695847348933028587684339042520.
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Yes. Everything is calculated repeatedly when using multiple hit moves like this. Same with things like fury swipes, bullet seed etc.

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Well, you have to apply all this stuff including attack, level, foes defense, and some other stuff to find the actual damage the attack will do. Base power is still techinically 35, that is how it would show if say you had Shadow Punch and Double Hit and the foe had forewarn. Shadow Punch would show up.

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