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I have a question i am fully aware that the max EV is 510 and 252 is max for 1 stat
And im kinda confused with the EV calculation

So, lets say i kill a Staravia which gives 2 Speed Stat EVs

is that 2/510?

Also, once i've used my 510 EVs, now what? what happens if I exceed past 510 because once i hit 510 obviously i still need to level and I cant control the fact that it will exceed the limit


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Yes, you'd get 2/510 total, or 2/252 for the Speed stat. Once you get to 510 EVs total, you simply stop gaining any more EVs.

Unless of course you use an EV-reducing berry in which case you now have less than 510 EVs so Pokemon you beat now will give you EVs again.

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yeah, but once u hit 510 EVs your pokemon wont be lvl 100 yet, no?
also, so once it hits 510 EVs and u still level up, it wont exceed?
Sorry, im probably making it harder than it is.
So basically u can only have 255 base stats and it can maximize 2 stats, am i correct?
I still dont get it cuz ok u need 4 EVs to make 1 solid base stat yet that would make it
4/510, right? So wouldn't that not even be enough to get one of my stats to 255?