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This is another member of my team made of fossils. How can I catch one in Black and White without trading, hacking, cheats, or GTS?

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Go to Twist Mountain, and find a worker there that will give you one fossil per day.
>Gift from Worker in tunnel outside the Ice Rock -Bulbapedia

Just soft reset until you get the one you want.

Go the the Nacrene Museum to revive it.
(Note: The Helix Fossil turns into Omanyte.)
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Revive a Helix fossil.

"In Black and White, a Worker in the Ice Rock room of Twist Mountain hands out a random Fossil from previous generations, including the Dome and Helix Fossils, once per day. If brought to the Nacrene Museum, the Dome and Helix Fossils can be regenerated into Kabuto and Omanyte, respectively."-Bulbapedia

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Where do find a helix fossil?
Read the whole answer, it says
But you have to have beaten the Elite Four then you can get fossiles.