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i just wanted to know what the specific things you can do in different seasons no websites i checked actually list things specific to a season

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Seasons are there to make the game look more realistic. There are some different things depending on the season you're in.

  • The Deerling are in different forms depending on the season.

    Autumn Winter Spring Summer

  • The Swasbuck are also different

    Autumn Winter Spring Summer
    And much more, check the link below for more info.

  • You can reach different places depending on the season. Fore example, you can get to the ledge in Winter in Irricus City that you can't get to in the other seasons

  • Different seasons mean different Pokemon to catch. (Like, Spheal only appears in Winter)

  • You can battle Cynthia during Spring and Summer.
    More info on Seasons

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I thought you could only battle her in the summer, unless you have not beaten her yet.
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There's not much that you can do within each season, but here:

  • Deerling and Sawsbuck will change form depending on season
  • Twist Mountain will have a blocked entrance
  • Different Pokemon have different chances of appearing.
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There are places in winter where frozen ice don't allow full access to all hidden items, ball items, and even trainers until spring thaws the ice.