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Okay, so this is something I heard that I'm interested in.

From what I've heard from various different sources, if you fuse a Shiny Kyurem and a non-shiny Zekrom, you get shiny Kyurem-B.

What I also heard, was that if you de-fuse them they will both be shiny.

Now I'm not 100% sure if those statements are true, they're just what I've heard.
But assuming they're true, could I fuse a shiny Kyurem with a Zekrom to get Kyurem-B that's shiny, then defuse them to get shiny Zekrom. Then fuse with another Zekrom and have shiny Kyurem-B? And possibly continue that process to mass produce shiny Zekroms?

it exist-
Seriously? I thought you can't get any.... My Bad. xP
you cant get one legibly right now(unless this is true about the defusing) but its still there
Sprite was designed n all, but the Zekrom encounter in Black and White was made where you couldn't get it shiny.
Oooh, that's why.

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Sorry, but NO, it's not true. Defusing them will produce the same Pokemon you fused. Remember, everything comes from the Kyurem. IVs. EVs. Level. Shininess. Nature. All Kyurem's. If it was to be Shiny, the game would have to change it's personality value and all of the other junk. And GameFreak really wouldn't want a mass production of Shiny Zekroms / Reshirams. Oh, and also, I had a Shiny Kyurem-B in my Black 2 ROM. I fused and defused them, and never got a Shiny Zekrom. Yes, I said "had" because my sister accidentally deleted the folder with all my DS ROMs in it. D:

Also, where did you hear about this?

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Well that's good and bad that there isn't a flaw like that in the game xD

And honestly, I'm having trouble remembering who told me :/