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I have a question? If I have a Calyrex with max EVs / 252 Atk and HP and I fuse a Glastrier with no EVs at all with the Calyrex with Max HP and Atk, will my Calyrex (Ice Rider) get both 252 EVs on Atk and HP? Which Pokemon stats will occur on? Is it based on the Calyrex or the horsies? (same goes for these)
EVs of Kyurem or of EVs on Reshiram / Zekrom?
EVs of Necrozma or EVs on Solgaleo / Lunala?

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The base mon is the one whose evs get used in the fused mon. For example, if you fuse Zekrom and Kyurem, you get Black Kyurem. Black Kyurem is still Kyurem and as such, whatever evs Kyurem has will be what Black Kyurem has

Forgot to mention, it's not just evs. Also nature, hidden power, blah blah blah the base mon has will be the one that the fused form will retain. The second mon like Zekrom or the horsies are basically enslaved and thus have next to no influence in the fused form's stuff

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It is all about the main one
Take a guess?

Nvm the ev will be all about calyrex or curem or necrozma so just ev train the main first and dont waste ur time or money (if using ev meds) I guess?

You don’t sound very confident about your answer.
Not worth -1. Maybe 0 and not ba but not -1
It is. Answering an question with "guess" is definitely deserving down-votes.