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i am deciding a dragon type for my competitive team.
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stats, moves and recommendations/sugestions pls ^_^!

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The sand dragon. If you don't care about cheapness Double Team Garchomp in sand is a nightmare, but without it's still a great Pokemon, sand or without. High Attack and Speed, definitely outspeeds Dragonite. Has natural bulk, and can take anything par Ice Beam and co... But yeah. A great Pokemon for a naturally fast coverage sweeper. Has a great movepool, being able to learn move types to cover every Pokemon for super-effective or neutral hits. So yeah, hits VERY hard. Great pokemon for in-game.



The first dragon. Pretty bad speed, but bulkier than Garchomp, at least in terms of being able to take Ice Beams :P
Great ability come Gen V, Multiscale rocks. High Attack, very high attack, but mediocre speed. Makes for a pwoerful Choice Scarf Outrager. Also great at DDing, then sweeping maniaclly. So yeah, also very good. Hits hard if you don't care about taking hits. Also an amazing Hurricane abuser...

So yes, both good. If you want a fast (and, if you want, cheap!) coverage sweeper, then choose Garchomp. If you want a setup, yet ridiculously powerful Pokemon that's a bit more risky, then take Dragonite.

I hope I helped!

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I really just had to answer this.

Dragonite pro: In OU.
Garchomp con: In Ubers.

So for a competitive team, using Garchomp will put you in the Ubers tier. Automatically making Dragonite the Pokemon to use in OU.

However, if your intention was to do Uber battles, Garchomp would be the best choice. Dragonite is outclassed in Gen IV by Salamence, as it has not yet gotten the incredible Multiscale ability. This already limits its Uber use. And to Garchomp's advantage is that base 102 Speed. This is excellent as the only Dragons to outspeed this are Latios and Latias, who are usually running Soul Dew. So slapping on a Scarf to Garchomp makes it an excellent revenge killer of all the Dragon types in Uber with its base 130 Attack powered Outrage.

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