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How can gastrodon learn stockpile because i have been to the move toutor and its not there is it only possible in the other games like Diamond and Pearl.

Please help i need it with stockpile badly.


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Gastrodon learns stockpile through breeding as an egg move. Gastrodon is in the Amorphous and Water1 egg groups so any pokemon that learns stockpile and is in the same egg group can breed with gastrodon/shellos to have a shellos that knows stockpile. The only pokemon I have found to fit this criteria is Pelipper who is in the Water1egg group who learns stockpile at level38. At that point you would then level up shellos to gastrodon so that you can have a gastrodon that knows stockpile.

I know this is time consuming but it is the only way to get stockpile on a gastrodon.

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Thnxs charizard the only problem is i leveled this gastrodon to level 100 now i have to do it again!
Sorry to be the messenger of bad news. :-( I hope all goes well for you...