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In emerald,i caught an electrike tha has the ability lightningrod and i fought mauville's gym leader wattson and shocked that his magneton's shock wave can still damage it,is there a problem or was i using it wrong?


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OK, after looking at the description for lightningrod, I know what has happened here. In gen 5, the description for lightningrod is this: "Draws in all Electric-type moves to up Sp. Attack." but the description for lightningrod in gen 4 says this: "The pokemon draws in all electric type moves." and the gen 3 description states that lightningrod: "Draws in electrical moves". What has happened is that the effects of the ability have changed over generations, so in gen 3 it just pulled electric type moves in, instead of absorbing them/turning them into spatk.

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This is correct!
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is it a rom?if not,it's proabably pirated.if it is,the creator of the
rom maybe forgot about it or a bug is effecting the program.

Hope this helped BBE!

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