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My Muk has the same attacks as Kogas one which I find quite effective once Muk has high HP, defense and special defense its a good moveset. I was wondering what would be the best order in which to use these attacks?
The attacks are:

one word "Taunt"

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Heres A Good Strategy for That Muk: First, Use Toxic(The Damaging Move Of This Set), Minimize(So Muk Cant Be Hit, Use Multiple Times), Screech(Sets Up Swagger, Which Does More Damage To Themselves, if they have low defense), And Then Swagger(After Screech, If They Hurt Themselves, They Will Lose Half Their Health).

Hope This Helps!:)

Thanks man!!
Read all about the normal types and I starting the think about raising a pidgeot, a raticate and a fearow!!
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You don't have a offensive move? screech doesn't work here, so I think it should be toxic (badly poison the foe), swagger (confused the foe) and then minimize!

Those are sweeper movesets, Wobbuffet, so it's not what JDOG's looking for.

I do think, however, that screech should be removed, like you said. It actually lowers the opponent's Defense to make them hit themselves harder from confusion (Without the risk of them hitting you as hard, as the battle drags on).

However, it's still a bad idea, because it gives Muk no form of survivability. Give it Acid Armor for a sharp Defense boost, which will compensate for the Attack boost for your opponent, but still punish themselves heavily.
Acid Armor are necessary too cause your Muk is in Defensive moveset! great, narwhals...
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Your Muk would be defeated easily by a foe with Taunt. Replace Screech with a Taunt of your own or an attacking move. Make sure it has good Speed and defense

Good speed? You know there talking about muk right?