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I was battling with my friends shedinja and it got hit by pin missile and it died.

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What Pokemon used it on you?

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Edit: There are three possibilities.
1. Opposing Pokemon used Gastro Acid and then Pin Missile.
2. Opponent used Simple Beam and then Pin Missile.
3. Opponent used Odor Sleuth and then Pin Missile.
One question: Was your opponent a Joltik, Galvantula, Zigzagoon, or a Linoone?

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There's no Pokemon with Mold Breaker and Pin Missile.
His opponent was a Shedinja.
No, he was using his friend's Shedinja
Misread, xD
its ok ;)
It was a jolteon.
jolteon with pin missle -.-
Perhaps lock-on was baton passed?
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Was is a linoone or zigzagoon that hitted your shedinja with pin missle??
if it was a zigzagoon or linoone maybe it used odor sleuth after that he used pin missile???

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No it was a jolteon and my friends shedinja was just sent out.
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I think its because you have cheated your game. even if that cheating had nothing whatsoever to do with this pokemon, it affects your entire cartrage and anything can go wrong with it.

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Its just that I had a cheat where you could change ability to wonder guard used it on a pikachu and it worked just fine.