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I waz in battle subway with my Shedinja and was versing Fraxure, But for some reason, it's Dragon Claw got to hit my Shedinja! I thought Shedinja had Wonder Guard!

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That fraxure might have Mold Breaker as an ability

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The Fraxure might have unnerve
Well it just do happens that the fraxure having mold breaker is the only logical explanation and also there are no CPU polemon with DW abilities
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For the record, i did not try to steal Swag's ba. I use my phone and the hyperlink for Mold Breaker did not show up. i posted my answer to give more detail, as i did not know the hyperlink provided the same info. I didn't purposely try to steal her ba. and the fact is, i didn't MAKE them give me ba. they chose too. i don't care about the ba but just for the record.