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I'm playing Pokemon white and have suddenly run into trouble with battles. In every battle I start (wild or trainer), I am unable to use any of my moves; I select "fight," and when I choose a move, the move summary screen comes up instead of using the move. I've checked to make sure my L button isn't stuck, updated system software, and restart the game multiple times. Is this a common problem? I'm pretty frustrated!

Thanks for your help.

Since I'm not sure what a rom is (computer simulator?) I'm going to say no.  I'm playing in a DSi that I bought in late 2009
Then call Nintendo.
Nope. Called Nintendo, they said the problem might be with the system and they wanted to sell me an $85.00 repair. I don't think that's worth it.
I played on a White 2 ROM, and the SAME thing happened. Weird.
I patched my white 2 rom so it won't have any bugs

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What pokemon are you using? What pokemon are you facing? What moves do your pokemon know? Did you buy your game in a different country? Did you buy your ds in a different country? If so, where? Is the game used? Have you contacted nintendo? Is there other people on the internet with this problem?

You should look at all these things and see if you can fix your game. If your game is still having problems, try creating a new file. If you can use moves on that file then you have to erase your game and beat it again. If this doesn't work, then please go to where you bought your game and get a refund. These are the only ways you can get your game to work.

I've contacted Nintendo, they think the problem is with my DS.  Everything was bought in the U.S. I created a new file, but the same problem happened.  I'm going to try my other Pokemon game and see if it's glitching, too.  I had a problem with another game a couple years ago, so I'm guessing it's my system.  Think it's worth it to pay Nintendo to repair or replace my DS for $85.00 or should I just spend the extra money to buy a new system?
If you got the money buy the 3ds, it's awesome.