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I have Pokemon that I have EV trained/ Pokemon that I'm EV training that are in different tiers (but some are in the same tier) and I just want to know that if I use them all in one team, and well:

1) First off, is it okay to have a mixed tier team? (well I know it's okay but I guess I mean is represented by the next question)

2) If you have a mixed tier team, is it less effective than a team of a specific tier?

3) Should I just stick to a one tier team?

Thanks C=

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1) Yes, Mixed Tier Teams are allowed in competitive play, but usually come out short in the metagame being as they fall to Teams made for a specific Tier.

2) Yes, because of the fact that Teams made for a specific Tier are more prepared for threats included in the Tier, while most Mixed Tier Teams don't.

3) Another yes, it will help you in the long run due to the reasons above.

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  1. It is okay. It isn't 'against the rules" to have a mixed tier team unless you are playing a lower tier for example ou and you have a pokemon of a higher tier in it like an uber then you couldn't fight in that tier with your mixed tier team.

  2. Not nesesarily because some pokemon in lower tiers can actually do some good in the higher tiers for example a Gorebyss is in the low NU tier but it is even a threat in ou.

  3. Its up to you. If you think that using one tier is good then sure. If you like using pokemon from all the tiers then you can do what you are already doing.

Hope this helps :D

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