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Okay, so say I said to a friend, "Hey, let's battle OU!". Does that mean the Pokemon I use have to be in the overused teir? Please don't send a link to Smogon, just tell me what battling w/ Teirs means.


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Yes ou is overused tier, uu is under used tier, nu is never used tier and ru tier.
Each Pokemon has a tier. It's in that tier because of its stats, moves ect. Ubers are Pokemon with remarkable high stats. Ou Pokemon are average. Uu are weaker and It keeps going.

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A tier is a group of Pokemon. When you battle in OU, you can only use Pokemon in OU and below. That's to prevent something like Magikarp vs Arceus, or Palkia, or Diagla!
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I won't provide a link to Smogon, but you can find the tiers on Smogon. Just Google. Smogon divided the tiers for you, it's all done!

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