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Which is a good move?

Both of them. For Gengar Shadow Ball.

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Shadow ball should likely come Standard for gengar, seeing as he gains STAB with it. Dark Pulse covers the exact same types as Shadow Ball, so it's to your advantage to go with shadow ball.

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thnx DT ur awesome
Nice answer! Only forgot the flinching chance on DP.
Shadow Ball is better for Gengar because the moves of the same type with user are more powerful.
sure both are equaly good so its up to you
as XtremeKiller said dark pulse has more rate of flinching than Shadow ball.
and i personaly like dark pulse
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I think both because even though shadow ball is STAB, dark pulse can flinch, so I actually use both, but if you want a troll gengar, dark pulse is better, if you want a special sweeper, shadow ball is better. its ur choice really.