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Gengar vs Dragapult (My team is Solgaleo, Marshadow, Gengar, Dhelmise, and Charizard)? This for in-game.

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Mega evolution doesn't exist in Gen 8
This is in-game so it could be gen 7 in-game
Dragapult isn't in Gen 7.
Uh ok I’m using a good in game team for unofficial stuff.
How do you plan to get a Mega Gengar and Mega Charizard into SwSh when they don't exist in those games?
Like I said I’m using it for unofficial stuff just answer as if they weren’t mega

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Gengar has a phenomenal Special Attack and decent Speed, plus good moves like Sludge Wave, Shadow Ball, Psychic, and Thunderbolt. It's quite frail, however.

Dragapult is even faster than Gengar, and has an excellent Attack stat. It can go physical, special, or mixed easily, with good moves like Dragon Darts, Shadow Ball, U-turn, and Thunderbolt. It too is quite frail.

I would recommend Gengar, as it has a slight attacking edge, and you don't have to level it up absurdly. You also have an abundance of physical attackers already.

Gengar @ Life Orb
Ability: Cursed Body
- Sludge Wave
- Shadow Ball
- Thunderbolt
- Psychic / Giga Drain

Hope I helped!

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Pros (Dragapult):
-Good Attack
-Good Special Attack
-Insane Speed
-Good stab moves in Phantom Force and Dragon Darts
-Can learn substitute and dragon dance for a sub-set type of moveset
-Can learn baton pass and u-turn for pivot after using Draco Meteor
-Dragon Ghost isn't a very good typing
-Any decently powerful super-effective hit will probably ohko it.
-Limited Physical movepool
-Strongest special move lowers special attack

Mega Gengar (Gengar):
-Insane special attack and Speed
-Good ability in Shadow Tag to trap in opponents
-Shadow ball is good stab
-Thunderbolt is good coverage
-Poison Ghost is an ok typing
-Dark pulse is good coverage
-Kind of limited special movepool

I honestly would go with Mega Gengar because Gengar is a mad lad and it's super powerful