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let me get this straight, I love Gengar, but I do not want to use it if it is bad can you help me out

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Which format are you playing?
gen-8 anything goes
It's most likely highly outclassed by Calyrex-Shadow.

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In Gen 8 AG, Gengar is totally outclassed by Calyrex-S, which possesses way superior SpA and Spe. Calyrex-S is superior in every way imaginable except for movepool which lacks against Yveltal, the primary Calyrex-Shadow counter, but Gengar won't provide much help there as most Dark types in AG are specifically meant to counter Calyrex-S and run max HP and SpD. Additionally, Gengar won't compete against the Pokémon in AG. It gets ripped apart by Zacian-C, Yveltal and Marshadow. It also gets walled by most Defensive Pokemon in the tier, except for a few.

TD;LR don't use Gengar, use Calyrex-S instead as it is better in every way.

"Calyrex-S is superior in every way imaginable except for movepool which lacks against Dark types,"
Pollen Puff exists. It's still a lot better than Gengar's Dazzling Gleam, and Focus Blast because higher SpA.
Made it a little more specified.  Totally forgot about Pollen Puff lol.
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It’s not good in gen 8 AG at all.
It’s outclassed in every single way by the king of the tier, Calyrex-Shadow rider. Calyrex-Shadow has every single stat better than Gengar’s. Calyrex-Shadow happens to also be a ghost type, and it completely overshadows Gengar. There is absolutely no reason to use it over Calyrex-Shadow, or other awesome Special Sweepers in the tier like Kyogre and Eternatus.

If you want to use Gengar, the best place to do it is Monotype, as that is the tier where it isn’t completely outclassed. It’s got very good Special Attack and Speed, good STABs in Sludge Wave and Shadow Ball, and good coverage moves like Giga Drain, Thunderbolt, and Dazzling Gleam.

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Most ghost and dark attacks can OHKO Gengar, even if Gengar has no double weaknesses.
Both Lunala and Calyrex Shadow aren't recommended because they have double weakness to Ghost and Dark, Yveltal and Gengar will take down those two with relative ease.
...except both Lunala and Calyrex are recommended. https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/ag-viability-rankings.3672899/
Who the heck uses Gengar in AG?
Sorry for being rude.
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I'd say... Aegislash is better than Gengar
Here's why:

  • Doesn't have two double weakness like Calyrex-S
  • Has King's Shield to protect yourself and turn yourself into Defense mode and increasing defenses
  • Can OHKO Calyrex-S with Shadow Sneak
  • Steel and Ghost is a good typing

Aegislash @ Leftovers
Ability: Stance Change
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD
Adamant Nature
- Shadow Sneak
- Iron Head
- King's Shield
- Sacred Sword

What makes Aegislash better than Dusk Mane Necrozma as a steel-type and why use Aegislash as a check when you can use Yveltal? And Marshadow's just better physical attacker.
Have you even done your research before posting this? Aegislash is not viable in AG, never was, and never will be.
Actually it was
It was ubers before, and while not the best, still existed as a possible choice

Not in gen 8 ag tho :P
But i never said anything about Ubers lol
But ubers is below ag and most ag teams use ubers, not 6 mega rays or anything :P
Also considering the set, id say SD over irn head, because theres no use being in a defensive form if you will change back right away really
Team members are similar, yes, but the metagame is very different.