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Oh baby. Yeah, there is an amazing Dragon type pokemon in HG/SS. The one, the only, the original & best.. Dragonite! He has fantastic stats, a wonderful and diverse movepool, and he looks so cool! :3 You can find his first evolution, Dratini, while surfing in Dragon's Den, near Blackthorn City. If you answer all of the old man's questions with compassionate answers, you can even get one with the exclusive move Extremespeed! He finally evolves into Dragonite at level 55. A good ingame moveset for him would be:

  • Fly (STAB, and helpful for traveling around)
  • Dragon Claw (STAB, great coverage)
  • Earthquake / Fire Punch / Fire Blast / Surf (They all hit Steel types, use one you still have the TM for!)
  • Extremespeed (Useful priority, makes up for his average speed. If you can't get it, one of the above moves is the way to go)

Hope I helped :D

The best my foot, salamence owns him and then some.
Well, Dragonite is my favorite for looks and movepool alone. Plus, you can't get Salamence in HG/SS without trading :P
I never said you could get sal in HG/SS, I'm just saying that dragonite being "the best" is your opinion. Good answer, he is the best in HG/SS, but that's as far as he reigns. Btw surf really doesn't hit steels ver hard.
Well it's lovely neutral coverage, and most steel types have low special defense anyway :]