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Which is better for Elite 4.

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I wouldn't use either for e4. Id use ryperior
But,I`ve got a Magmar and a Electibuzz.
Oh didn't no that.

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Uh... they're both good, but you have to think about the Pokemon that the E4 are using.

Magmortar, the Fire type. The first E4 member will be a breeze with him, as it can just hit hard with its Fire-type STAB moves. With a powerful base 125 Sp. Atk stat, and decent Speed, it can wreak havoc. Its movepool is also large, enabling it to cover Pokemon.

Aaron: Easy.
Bertha: Hard.
Flint: Medium
Lucian: Medium

He can easily wreck Aaron; however, he runs into some problems with Bertha, so it's recommended you have a water or grass-type Pokemon to take out her. If you chose empoleon, or even better, torterra, they can take care of her. For Flint, he can deal some damage with Earthquake, and probably take out Steelix, but can't hit as hard as powerful STAB on Rapidash. For Lucian, Bronzong can be taken out, as it doesn't have Heatproof, but otherwise, not much it can do. For Cynthia, Lucario and Roserade can be taken care of by him, but it has problems with Gastrodon and Milotic.

Overall, the benefit for Magmortar is its ability to kill Aaron, and get good coverage. A good E4 moveset would be E-Quake, Fire Blast/Flamethrower/fire Punch, Shadow Ball, and Ice Punch.

Electivire, the counterpart. It has problems with the first two, but can hit the last two pretty hard.

Aaron: Medium
Bertha: Very Hard
Flint: Medium
Lucian: Easy

So, Lucian's Pokemon have higher Sp. defense, so Electivie can breeze right through them. I's Magmortar's literal counterpart, as it has higher Atk and less Sp. atk, rather than vice versa. I wouldn't recommend him as much, as he has major problems with Bertha, more so than Magmortar, and his STAB ThunderPunch is harder to get and hits less hard than Flamethrower or Fire Blast on Magmortar.

A good e4 set would be: Earthquake, ThunderPunch, Brick Break, Ice Punch.

Overall, I'd recommend Magmortar. Honestly, though, if you use them both, they work very well together.

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>HP: 75
Min. -Max: 260 - 354

>Attack: 95
Min.-Max.: 175 - 317

>Defense: 67
Min.-Max: 125 - 256

>Special Attack: 125
Min-Max: 229 - 383

>Special Defense: 95
Min.-Max: 175 - 317

>Speed: 83
Min.-Max: 153 - 291

>Total: 540

>HP: 75
Min.-Max: 260 - 354

>Attack: 123
Min.-Max: 225 - 379

>Defense: 67
Min.-Max: 125 - 256

>Special Attack: 95
Min.-Max: 175 - 317

Special Defense: 85
Min.-Max: 157 - 295

>Speed: 95
Min.-Max: 175 - 317

>Total: 540

Now, let's compare the two Pokemon. There HP seems to be the same, no matter what. Even though it's an electric type, Electivire has the higher attack. Again, same defense between the two. Naturally, as a fire type, Magmortar has the higher Special Attack. Magmortar takes another point with higher Special Defense. Speed is obvious, Electivire as an electric type it has the higher.

-HP: Equal.
-Attack: Electivire
-Defense: Equal
-Special Attack: Magmortar
-Special Defense: Magmortar
-Speed: Electivire

So, Magmortar has two strengths and so does Electivire. But look at the stats. Which ones do you require. Magmortar has more special stats, while Electivire has physical and speed. During the Elite four, power can be more useful, so Magmortar is a better choice as Electric types in general don't have many physical moves.

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types don't determine stats!
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They both hve equal base stats.
Electrivire is a plain Electric Type with 1 weakness and 3 types that are not very effective and Magmorter is a plain Fire type with 3 weaknesses and 5 not very effective Types.
Here are some movesets for the 2:

Magmorter: Attack: Thunder Punch, Earthquake, Strength, Brick Break, Fire Punch, Rock Slide, Iron Tail,
Special Attack: Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Focus Blast, Lava Plume, Overheat, Psychic

Electrivire: Attack: Thunderpunch, Fire Punch, Iron Tail, Earthquake, Dig, Brick Break, Strength, Ice punch
Special Attack: Flamethrower, Thunder, Shock Wave, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Focus Blast. I prefer electvire because of his speed.But they both are good.

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