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I don't get this at all:
Jirachi: Part Steel
Nearly all flying-types: Part Normal
Trapinch: Obvious bug type: Ground.
And the list goes on, with Lucario being part steel, Gyarados being a flying type and Pinsir not being Bug-Fighting. It learns nearly all fighting moves via level up.
Seriously, I wan't to know why all these Pokemon have weird typing. I think that the first time everyone saw flygon, they thought it was a bug.

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This will explain Gyarados.

Jirachi,not sure,but,it is able to resist 8 types while just Psychic just resists 2 types.
There's not much difference with bug and fight and just bug type.It's probably
like Gyarados.And Lucario can resist 8 types and 1 immunity,while just fight can
only resist 3 types.And most of the desert animals are bugs,so maybe that's why
Flygon looks like that.Both just dragon and dragon and ground have 4 resistances.
And Trapinch,my brother says,is copying the Antlion.An insect that stays underground
it's whole baby life.Until it becomes an adult,where it looks like a dragonfly,and
maybe that's why it's a part -dragon type.For the normal and flying type.The dual-typing makes it have 1 added immunity and there's not much difference.And as for Pinsir,here's a link. http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/17964/pinsir-supposed-resemble-fighting-gyarados-resembles-dragon If this didn't help,sorry.Just don't downvote,I tried.

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Jirachi became part Steel because it's body is said to be made of extraterrestrial metals (Yes it came from space, refer to Wish Maker Movie.) The Flying-Normal trend began with Gen. 1. This was to keep Flying types at bay because few good Electric, Rock, and Ice moves existed. Trapinch and it's evolutions are part Ground (in the case of Trapinch, full Ground) because they are based on an insect called the Ant-Lion (To be honest, I thought they were part Bug too) Gyarados is part Flying and not part Dragon because during Gen 1, only 1 Dragon-type move existed (Dragon Rage) which only dealt little damage. As we see in Kingdra and Palkia, their typing caused them to only have 1 weakness to the Dragon-type, hence to keep Gyarados from being too powerful, made him part Flying instead. Lucaro is part Steel because he is based on the statues of Anubis that are placed around Egyptian mummification areas (They usually hold metal weapons, hence the typing) As for Pinsir, I'm not sure.

Wow,better answer then me,I feel like hiding mine.
Having a normal/flying type doesn't keep it at bay. Rock and Ice type moves are still super effective.
I know,but still,not much difference.