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Meaning least weaknesses, most immunities and resistances, and most effective STAB(The typings that has the most effectiveness.) Not including Wonder Gaurd(Because that cuts out at least like 10 types), please include Abilities.

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I say theoretically, in case there are no pokemon of that type in existence.
Well this might be an opinion question because some Pokémon have more resistances but others have more super effective STABs.
In that case, one for each, best Defensive, best Offensive.
Steel is the best defensively  and rock is the best offensively, but that’s just bad typing in general becauseof the 4x weakness to ground and fighting
So, like said originally, what's the best typing in general, with the most of a combination of the two, also, the above is not an answer, as this q includes dual typing. Include all three if possible(Offensive, Defensive, Highest combination of the two)

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Best offensive types:
Ice and Ground combo & Ghost and Fighting combo.
if we count single types:
> I think if you count only single types, then ice fighting is just as good as ice ground.

Let me explain why. Ice and ground together & Ice and fighting are super effective on a huge total of 8 types!
Almost half of the total number of types! Only mamoswine line has this great typing. Ghost and fighting has the unique advantage of not being resisted by any type combo on its STAB moves as Ghost and normal doesn't exist yet! Only marshadow has this unique typing.

Best Defensive types:
Well there's no exact. It completely depends on how much hp, Def and S.Def the mon has. If you want the only one weakness ones, here:
Normal (only weak to Fighting)
Electric (only weak to Ground)
Normal Ghost (only weak to Dark)
Water Ground (only weak to freeze dry and grass)
Poison Dark (only weak to Ground)
Bug Steel (only weak to fire)
Ghost Dark (only weak to Fairy)
Most resistances:

Also steel electric has the most resistances, regardless of whether immunities count as resistances.
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and as already mentioned by previous answer, Electross family has no weakness with levitate ability but can be defeated by mold breaker ability mons with ground moves such as excadrill.
Hope I Helped!

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@sumwun that would take a lot of time to find. There are lots of type combination and checking all of them with each would probably take a week and I can't give so much time to find it lol. You may find it on your own if you like
So, unless sumwun decides to answer, this stays answered and BAed.
Keeping this answer here lowers the chance that another person finds and answers this question.
Okay then, so I take it your not going to do it then, in that case, go ahead, do it, but I'm just saying that someone would probably not answer this big a question anyway. It would require you to look at basically every pokemon.
I think you should also mention that the Steel/Fairy type has the best defense based on number of resistances and immunities in total. It has 9 resistances and 2 immunities. It also has only 2 weaknesses, so yeah, it’s kinda the best defensively.
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If you want a Pokemon that actually has NO WEAKNESSES, you will turn to the only possible option: the Tymano family. They are a family of electric types with the ability levitate, which makes them immune to ground moves. This can be avoided, however, with a Pokemon that has the ability mold breaker. Well, no one usually pays attention to abilities, however, and what are the chances where your opponent will switch into their mold breaker Excadrill to deal with your Eelectross with ground moves, assuming they have one? And Eelectross' stat's aren't even that bad!

On another note, the electric/steel type combo boasts some incredible 11 resistances/immunities, meaning some moves do little to no damage against them. Unfortunatly, it electric/steel has a bunch of weaknesses that leave it in the dust.

On yet ANOTHER note, pure steel types have an incredible 10 weaknesses and one immunity, making them on just the same level as the electric/steel guys.

On the side, Mamoswine, Terrakion, Scrafty, and a lot of other Pokemon all have good STAB moves that are important, I couldn't just name one!

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Does this really answer the question? The type you nominated is Electric/Steel -- is what you're saying the Electric/Steel has the best combination of weaknesses, resistances and STAB coverage (as the question requires)? If so, can you explain how you came to that conclusion?
It talks about several other typings other than electric/steel, and even mentions that they do have some weaknesses, he also says how many immunities/resistances they have, so the only thing left is STAB, which he didn't even mention with the electric/steel, as that wasn't what he was saying was good about them, he mentions others that have really good stab, and you can assume he got this knowledge from the type chart.
* The question doesn't say to include abilities, which makes the discussion about Tynamo etc. irrelevant. Or, if you /are/ including abilities, then can you add to your question exactly what you'll allow? Can I "theoretically" have a Pokemon with Wonder Guard and a better typing than Ghost/Bug?
* The answer doesn't explain how it came to Electric/Steel or Steel, which means I have no confidence that it was an exhaustive search. If you believe he just looked at the type chart for a bit, then why do you trust this answer?
* If you are happy for STAB not to be considered, then you should mention that in your question description. I don't know why you're happy with the discussion about Mamoswine etc. -- it doesn't answer your question.

I'm not doing this to be annoying to you: I'm trying to highlight that there's a mismatch between the question you asked and the answer you seem happy with. It is confusing for everybody else when you're totally fine with an answer that only "sort of" solves your question.
You know, your right, I'll be more specific. Also, I'll make sure to be certain of things.
Yes, MimikyaShadow, I have almost memorized the type chart!
@Cloaked_In_Darkness Steel does not have 10 weaknesses. It has 10 resistances. If it had 10 weaknesses, it would seriously be the worst type EVER.
Sorry, I meant 10 resistances. Sorry!