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  1. if you put two Pokemon in the daycare do the expreince like 20, 10 for Pokemon 1 and 10 for Pokemon two or they both get 20 exp
    2.can Pokemon evolve in daycare
  2. is there anyway to make Pokemon in daycare get more experience since 1 step is 1 exp

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  1. Pokemon do not split experience in the daycare because otherwise there would be 1/2 exp. per step and it is 1 exp. per step no matter what. If 2 different Pokemon types are in the daycare, some may lvl. up faster than others because of their experience category.
    - Pokemon do not evolve in the daycare. To evolve the Pokemon after it has gone past its evolution lvl., just level up the Pokemon one level and it will evolve.
  2. No there is not a way to earn experience faster in the daycare by an item or any other method.
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i mean experience in day care is 1 step 1 exp right please answer no. 1
Ok. at first I was confused by no.1 in your question. Thx for the clarification!  :o)
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Sorry but Pokemon cant evelove inside the daycare.
1 the Pokemon in the daycare gets more exp if you use you bike instead of just running

hope I helped :D

The bike does not increase the amount of experience you receive. The bike just allows you to take more 'steps' in a shorter amount of time which decreases the amount of time it takes to lvl. up your pokemon.
ok sorry