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It would be easy if I could get a hp Pokemon with 4 hp? Also, how much evs do the power items give?

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I don't think that a Pokemon that gives 4 EVs in something exists. I think the max is 3.
ok then
Power items? Like Carbos?

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Iccurus City: Stunfisk- 2 HP
Route 1 Water: Basculin- 2 Speed
Celestial Tower: Litwik- 1 SAtk

No Pokemon gives off 4 HP EVs. The Power Items add 4 EVs to the current amount of EVs the defeated wild Poke gives. So if a Litwik gives off 1 EV, add 4 EVs to that and it gives 5.

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can you list what amount they give off too? thanks C:
thing is... im way to lazy to battle all these pokemon
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