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I thought only the 3rd evolution stage of Pokemons have 3 EV yield.But volcarona is just the 2nd evolutionary stage of larvesta has has 3 SpA.Shouldn't it be 2 SpA EV Yield?

It's a Game Freak thing.
Yeah, typical them. They can be SO naive.
PROOF: Volcarona can learn MAGNET RISE... O_o
0-0 You're joking, right? Tell me you're joking.
Now I'm going to teach my Volcarona Magnet Rise, just so I can laugh at people's faces when I battle them!
Nope, I'm not joking. Just look at his Dex entry. A Tutor will teach it to him.
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EV yeilds have nothing to do with how many stages a Pokemon can evolve on. Volcarona would have a yield of 3 Special Attack, mostly because of it's exceptionally high Special Attack. If that's how Game Freak wanted it, that's what they'll get. They are the creators, after all.

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LOL, I get it.
@ Darkgoku: Bulbapedia isn't always 100% reliable. Basically it is Pokemon fans writing what they beieve is, true, which, might not be true. I guess the answer, in a way, is sort of... because he does.
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That and the fact that Volcarona is a TOTAL BOSS.
What about Ninjask? Highest speed of all non legendaries, only 2 Speed EVs.
Nobody is going to be able to give a conclusive answer, but I would suggest it relates to the fact Ninjask's stats are otherwise very average, and EV yields may be intended to reward taking down Pokemon that might be seen to be harder to deal with.