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I want to know if it's any good to have or not.


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Volcarona is a really gud Pokemon


  • Excellent stats - High special attack, good speed and respectable Special blk
  • Solid Dual Stabs in Bug and Fire
  • One of the best Boosting moves, Quiver Dance can be used by Volcarona
  • Resists most common forms of priority in the metagame
  • Good versatility, with moves like Hurricane so it can function in different weathers or no weather
  • Has reliable healing in Roost, letting it boost up slowly and troll the opponent


  • Bug/Fire typing means it loses 50% upon switching into Stealth Rock
  • Heatran completely walls unless Volcarona carries HP Ground or has alot of boosts already
  • Pretty frail on the defensive side, so can be taken out by strong physical attackers pretty easily
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