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Could you explain your question better please? You have a story, but what are you actually asking for help with? How to complete a part of the game?
I am trying to put out that it is impossible for me to pass mt cornet when I cant get strenght at this time of the game.
So you are saying:
You cannot pass Mt. Coronet due to your team being too weak, or you are puzzled on how to complete it. Which one? Or am I wrong?
your right and wrong.my team is strong don't worry about that its because I need strenght to push boulders and i am kinda puzzled casue after all this time I forgot where to get it.
I got a infernape that is like lvl 54 and a staraptor lvl 34 or something and the rest arent as strong as them but are good
OK, good to know. Just trying to clarify your question so those who answer know what to answer.
Now i finished the ice gym now.I am up to team galatic base thing which i got up to an hour or so ago.i also got lvl 60 infernape and also lvl 36 or something staraptor and a lvl 32 golbat that smashed a almost lvl 50 pokemon.

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It is found on iron island. Go to Canalave and get on the boat. Once you are there, the lady blocking the cave gives it to you

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