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-Mean look, block Good for trapping your foe so they can't excape. You can also use a few abilities

-Status moves- given. Sleep and freeze work the best for the catching, but are also the hardest to do.

-false swipe-leaves the foe with 1 Hp, making for the perfect catch

-baton pass-can use mean look with one pokemon, then switch to a better suited pokemon

-Heal block-Works great for legendary pokemon who try to heal themselves

There are plenty of other useful moves as well


I find FLash (or Sand Attack) a good move for legendaries so that they don't destroy you while you are trying to catch them. Make sure to have Spore. Thunder Wave also works, although not as well. Try using moves that stop them from using up PP so they don't struggle.
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One time for a moltres I used my strongest attack because I knew it would use Endure. Then I used thunder wave to paralyze it then threw an ultra ball................... caught it on the first time

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False Swipe (level gallade up to lv 50)
Hypnosis (Level ralts up to lv45)
Mean Look (Egg move male gastly with mean look and female ralts)

!!!The ralts that hatches from the egg has to be a male one!!!