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other than false swipe.
because I have taught it to my keldeo and its not effective at all.

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the move super fang is really good it will get your Pokemon at half health and will not kill it when paird with a sleep inducing move or thunder wave it will be easy to catch a Pokemon

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Paralyze the opponent and slowly wear down it's HP. This will make it really easy to catch.

Sleep also works really well but I prefer Paralyze as it will not wear off.

False Swipe is the only move, however, that will not faint a Pokemon.

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All moves that have a negative effect on the Pokemon are very useful. Move that makes it low healthed, put to sleep, and other negative stuff. Paralyzing is the most effective, GOOD LUCK.

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Shadow Tag ability or Mean Look / Spider Web can trap a Pokemon so it can't escape.
Besides those, it's best to freeze / put the wild PKMN to sleep to raise its catch rate.
Source: Bulbapedia

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what I use to catch Pokemon is false swipe and thunder wave. I usually have it on a fairly high level Pokemon lvl 100 preferably since you can pretty much 1 hit anything but false swipe prevents it from fainting which means it will stay at 1 hp. This is usually enough to catch it but thunder wave helps if it is being stubborn

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