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It gets Spore, which would increase the catch rate I think.
It also gets Poison Heal, healing all the damage taken from the Pokémon ur attempting to catch quickly.
It also gets access to False Swipe, so I can leave the Pokémon with Low health but not kill it, so is it good for catching Pokémon?
If no, then what other Pokémon would you recommend?

I mean you kind of answered it yourself. It learns spore and false swipe, so yes it's good.
Great Pokemon for catching.
Just to confirm y'know

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Yes, Breloom is one of, if not the, best Pokémon for catching Pokemon.
The only other Pokémon with access to Spore and False Swipe are Parasect and Smeargle, which are inferior to Breloom stat-wise. Spore is the best sleeping move, and false swipe leaves them at 1 HP, so it’s perfect. It has an awesome attack stat so false swipe hits harder, and it has access to Technician to boost False Swipe’s power.

Venusaur and Jumpluff can learn false swipe and sleep powder. Blastoise can learn false swipe and yawn.
Except Spore is better and has Poison Heal/ Technician