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I want him to have spore, bullet seed, and mach punch. I am not sure who to breed with to get all three.


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You don't need too.

Mach Punch can be learnt through level up at Level 23, so you don't need to worry about that. Spore is a pre-evolution move(can be learnt by Shroomish,Lv 45) so all you have to get is Bullet seed! (to get spore you will have to level Shroomish to Lv 45 THEN evolve it into Breloom and learn Mach Punch via the rememberer girl in Mistralton city)

http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/Breloom/egg (posting it was quicker) . Sunkern and Sunflora can be caught at Route 12.

Hope I helped! PX ;)

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Thanks! I didn't know that you could make a pokemon remember a move that it hadn't learned. I always wondered why they had level one moves on final evolutions.
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Breloom can only learn Bullet Seed by breeding.

First, catch a MALE Sunflora, Mantine, Exeggute, Hoppip, Skiploom, Octillery, Remoraid, etc. Then, have them learn Bullet Seed and bring it to the daycare. Put the male Pokemon with bullet seed and female Breloom in there. After you get the egg and it hatches, level up Sheoomish to 45 to learn Spore. Then, evolve it. Finally, go to the PWT with Breloom and talk to the Move Reminder. She'll remaind Breloom Mach Punch.

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First, breed with one of the following male Pokemon that must know Bullet Seed...

  • Exeggcute; learns at Level 17
  • Hoppip; learns at Level 19
  • Skiploom; learns at Level 20
  • Jumpluff; learns at Level 20
  • Sunflora; learns at Level 25

Next, get a female Shroomish or Breloom, and breed to get a Shroomish.

Once you've got the Shroomish (knowing Bullet Seed), level it up to Level 45 and teach it Spore. Do not let it evolve before that. OK, once it's learned Spore, evolve it into Breloom, and relearn Mach Punch.

Done! :)