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I know Australia got these:

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im sure the answer is no extra benefits other than assuring you get a copy but again no source
i've heard a rumor on the internet that there will be a shiny haxorus if you pre-order, but like i said, internet rumor...
You can get a Shiny Haxorus In Game.
=O How?
i know, but people on the intternet aren't always the smartest when it comes to rumors...
the way to get a shiny haxorus is to catch every pokemon in the Unova Dex i believe

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There Is no bonus in america. You can download keldeo either way. The other answer is wrong. So there is o bonus for pre ordering.

http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pre-order_bonus here is bulbapedia confirming australia. And it says clearly on game stops website that there is a bonus who is keldeo which can be downloaded to black and white. However you can get that either way. Target gives you a 5$ gift card for pre odering. But in America there is none.

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Source? Every year, since Emerald (I think) there was a bonus.
They call keldeo a bonus but you have to have black or white to get it. Which is just the event.
you dont have to pre-order just from gamestop
I know, I searched all kinds of places in America, and there was no bonus. I'm talking about national not local though.
well can you actually give the source link where it says you get no bonus