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You know , double battle parteners:-)

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What do you mean by 'interesting'? Powerful? Strategic? Make sure your question clearly defines what you are asking.
Both of them.
OK, thanks.
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Sorry, first time I missed you. ;(
Wait, do you mean like ''cores''?
I still need  opinions about this Q.

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Here's an ru duo.

[email protected] orb
Evs. 252 attack, 4 defence, 252 speed
Swords dance
Sucker punch
Psyco cut

[email protected]
Evs 252 hp, 252 sp. attack, 4 speed
Stored power
Cosmic power
Light screen

They completely destroy together. Sigyliph uses reflect and light screen to protect them and allow absol to take hits. Then often the screend are up I get up cosmic powers to get massive defences. Then absol and sigyliph have an easy sweep. If a dark type threatens sigyliph, then it takes superpower. If a bug comes out then it will be ganged up on and whipped out.

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