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I was wondering if it was the same arbok she had befor.
whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!?!?!?!?!?arbok doesn't evolve into seviper!

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>Jessie caught Seviper in A Tail with a Twist after initially being impressed with its sneaky and aggressive demeanor. It had defeated Ash's Treecko earlier in the episode, which is why Jessie wanted it so much. Although Seviper was intelligent, and outsmarted Team Rocket's multiple attempts to ensure its capture, Jessie caught Seviper after it had bitten off a chunk of her hair, mangling poor Seviper with her "Fury Swipes" and "Mega Kick".


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No Jessie catches Serviper close to when they arrived in Hoenn. Arbok doesnt evolve into Serviper so it cant be her Arbok.

um... i think you guys should check arboks pokedex...it says that arbok dosent evolve into seviper..
maybe feraligatr77 is totaly noob!
Your all wrong it says clearly in on other websites and the anime.
http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/seviper Pokemaster is smarter than you and so is everyone else
if you watched A Poached Ego! (the saddest Pokemon episode EVER), you would see that BOTH Jessie and James released their Arbok and Weezing, then stood up to a TYRANITAR, with no Pokemon other than Meowth. over and over, it used Hyper Beam at those three, but over and over, they came back. they did it JUST to give their Pokemon time to escape. that love, that courage, gave me a new-found respect for Team Rocket. i will forever remember that sacrifice.