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i would go like
last resort
thunderbolt/water pulse
ice beam
That isn't a good set, abhe. Last Resort only works if your other moves are out of PP, and that's a hell of a lot of PP to eat. Flamethrower, Thunderbolt/Water Pulse and Ice Beam are all pointless, as they do nothing to patch Munchlax's only weakness, which are Fighting type moves.
Last Resort is just so situational.
To handle fighting types, I would either use psychic or the egg move: Zen headbutt instead of last resort (munchlax always has that egg move)

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Well this is the one I used to use before I stopped playing:

Screech+plus tackle (linked moves)
Protect (only available in Darkness)
Brick Break
Hope this helps :)

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No protect but I'll think of something. Anyway, this worked well, thanks!
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Munchlax @ Heal Ribbon
Ability: Thick Fat

Zen Headbutt (PMD: EoS only)/Amnesia
Body Slam
Rock Slide