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If Mew created all Pokemon, and was the first Pokemon, some legend says Arceus was the first Pokemon who created everything, who was first?

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LOL, which came first, the Chicken, or the Egg?
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The first Pokémon created was actually Rhydon. This has nothing to do with Poké-History or such, it's just the developpers who created him first.
Well guys my answer is the truth .arceus hached from an egg and then created the universe and the pokémon world .then created the creation trio and the guardian trio.after all this created mew .mew has the dna of all pokes fir this reason created all pokémon .we dont know how the arceus egg was born ,maybe the answer is at future pokegens .

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Well,this is the pokémon history .this link contains lot and usefull info for the pokémon creation and the modern pokeworld . http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pokémon_world .hope this helps .

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Arceus was lucky enough to get it's own movie, like Mew, but it does explain that Arceus created everything, including Pokemon.

Arceus is so dumb...
Did arceus create the universe too? And the planets?
Arceus is like god and Mew is like Jesus....that's why it can learn Surf (walk on water), Recover (reserrect itself), etc. haha no offense to any one who is religious. :)
mew got two movie lucario and the mystery of mew and mew vs mewtwo(first one) but good answer i think arceus did too he created all legends and mew made all noermal pokemon so arceus had to make mew to make all normal pokemon