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Among the 3 viable STAB moves he has, which is the most viable, Gyro Ball, Iron Head, or Meteor Mash? Gyro Ball has 100% accuracy, but I fear Metagross just isn't slow enough to succesfully utilize it, while Iron Head also has 100% accuracy, but it lacks a bit in power. Meteor Mash is good in the power sector, but is somewhat unreliable.

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You know what?? If Kosmic will be the devil's advocate for Iron Head, I will be the Devil's Advocate for Gyro Ball.

Metagross is not Bugatti Veyron, but he is also not a snail. He speed is a bit too high for Gyro Ball to work effectively. But Metagross has one move that can change that, Hammer Arm.

Lowering his speed everytime it hits helps Gyro Ball while at the same time dealing 100 base damage. Not Bad. Both these moves have better accuracy than Meteor Mash and Gyro Ball can surpass Iron Head and Meteor Mash in power, capping at 275 after STAB. The PP is a pain, but does not need all those points after a few Hammer Arms.

275 Base Power coming from 135 base attack is no joke.

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What about a Buggati Veyron SS?
It is a car. I am pretty sure the fastest one in the world right now.
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I would advise you to go for Meteor Mash FTW

Meteor Mash:
Power: 100
Accuracy: 85%

Iron Head:
Power: 80
Accuracy: 100%

Gyro Ball:
Power: Varies
Accuracy: 100%

Metagross' stats:

HP: 80
ATK 135
DEF: 130
SP.ATK: 95
SP.DEF: 90
SPE: 70

These are all base stats and its speed isn't that bad but its attack is so go for Meteor Mash

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Sorry, but I'd definitely go for Iron Head, due to the following reasons:

  • Accuracy 100%
  • May cause flinching
  • Decent power

Meteor Mash downside:

  • Accuracy 85%
  • Not much higher power than Iron Head

Gyro Ball doesn't require explanation, in my opinion.