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Near the entrance to Route 4, PKMN Breeder Irene will challange you. After you beat her, if you exit Route 4 and then come back, she will challange you again. I found you can fight her endless amounts of times. I also noticed that she says "Having lots of battles is the best way to train a Pokemon quickly." At the end of the battle she says ' Your traing method is great! I am going to copy it.", 'Is this a glitch or just part of the game?

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I think this question here on the page is old, but it is part of the game. Every time you enter the route again, the game makes you fight the trainer when you talk to the NPC or get in sight of it.
Does this happen to anyone else?
This happens to me too...
its just part of the game. if you go to the transition point before it a guy says that if you go there she will battle every time
Happens to me too, but pkmn breeders LOVE to challenge.....

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In the new versions, there are trainers who will battle you every time they see you. for example, Irene is one of them. Eventually, they get stonger. But no, it is not a Glitch.

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Was wondering same thing, vote up.
AWESOMEEE! I also found another in the entrance to Lostlorn Forest FYI!!!