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I'm planning my team for white 2, the only thing I'm missing is a Pokemon to teach fly to; I wanted archen/archeops, but it seems I can't get them until very late on in the game. I want to catch all my Pokemon in-game rather than breed and trade from my other games, and I also want to try and get them before I'm halfway through the main timeline.
I've been trying to look up some good Pokemon myself, but I'm not very familiar with the B/W2 map, so I can't really tell if I can get them early in the game or not.

Which Pokemon can be obtained fairly early in the game and can learn fly?

I don't mind much about the stats right now, I just want a list of Pokemon to choose from and work out if I want to use them later.

Archen isn't that far into the game. He's in the Desert Resort - and what the problem with being late in the game?
You need to go to Nacrene Museam to revive him. And you can only go there after beating the champion

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These links will both help you find the Pokemon you seek. The Locations will give you detailed info on where to find Pokemon on each area, and the Pokearth from Serebii allows you to browse each region and get info on each location.
On my opinion, here a couple of effective fliers:
As you mentioned, Archeops. Fly might not be the best choice in real-strategy movesets, but it doesn't have to be perfect. He also benefits from STAB, which is always a help.

Crobat: Hasn't got a huge Flying movepool - so Fly isn't a bad choice. It's also STAB.

Swoobat is also an option - bit it isn't as powerful as the other Pokemon listed. Of course, a good flier would always be a Flying type - like Swoobat - so its STAB.

Hope this helps! :D

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I'll probably get an Archeops. I already have a poison-type like crobat in my team, and I've used swoobat before and want to use a different pokemon. Thanks a lot!
Thanks, no worries, always happy to help!
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Pidove would be the earleyest flyer.

He means GOOD
he said nothing like this Absol Udunuh answer is right "I don't mind much about the stats right now, I just want a list of Pokemon to choose from and work out if I want to use them later."-Taken straight from above
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Well to be honest, you're all missing out on one important flyer...
Now, Vibrava might evolve into Flygon at a late level, but Trapinch evolves into Vibrava at 35. Reasonable.
Vibrava can also learn Fly, which is a plus. It may not get STAB, but Flygon can more than deliver with his attack stat.
And if you're catching a Trapinch at the Rebirth Mountain, it will be like 3 levels from evolving! Yippe!
So chose Flygon. He's awesome.

YAAAAAY! Flygon!
I'm quite surprised that you didn't suggest him Fizzcube!