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As ♠SpumWack♠ said, it's to prevent overpowering other Pokemon, but another cool strategy you can use is:

  1. Send out an Archeops
  2. Use Skill Swap to switch your ability with others. In the process, you might get a good ability while your opponent gets yours.
  3. If he/she switches out his/her Pokemon, repeat.

This trick is useful, simple, and quick.

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i never thought of that, great idea. voted up
Haha, the trick I use and love. Glad you picked up on this! This works wonders, and you get a Pokemon that should now be OU as a result! All you need are Speed EVs and a deadly sweepers' yours. :P
Thing is it only works in Double/Triple Battles, as Archeops cannot learn Skill Swap, so have another Pokemon use Skill Swap to get rid of it on Archeops, but have another Pokemon suffer from it. The easiest thing is to have a Pokemon with Mummy paired with it or something.
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Its just to make a Archen/Archeops weaker. If it didn't have Defeatist it would be really hard to beat as its Stats are amazing as they are. So it's to stop them from being too overpowered.

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