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You know, for cheats and stuff. I never understood how I'm supposed to put letters and numbers in on a DS.


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No if you have an AR put it in and let it load to the game you have in.Then click the games codes it will have a list of codes and on the top it will have New Codes you click that,then you have to put a name for your new code that you want to enter lets say you want Manaphy so you enter it's name and then on the bottom screen there will be a keyboard with letters and numbers depending on the code you want to enter you would have to enter those letters and numbers.There are lines for the codes codes are usually 4-5 lines long.Moving on....After you finish entering it you will have to know which buttons to press I would write it down some where.There will be a button on the touch screen that says something like"Done"the code is entered and you are finished.

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I have tried this many times but the code never works .why ?
There could be two reasons 1.The code is a fake which means it will never work. 2.You could have entered the code wrong or not be pressing the right combination of buttons while playing the game.
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When you go to enter the code on the AR it will give you a keyboard on the screen. There you can type the code by scrolling over the letter and pressing the A button. Its just like typing on pokmeon.

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