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will Pokemon database inform me if there are any of new codes or will I have to visit some website is what I am looking for

it has never done that so i don´t think so
The Switch's news section often always tells if there's an event or code.
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“ it has never done that so I don´t think so”
- Ether Eevees

It’s never done it before and likely never will. Just google “Pokemon”, look at Pokémon.Com, or Bulbapedia and you’ll see the news.

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Doesn't Bulbapedia also have news on their home page sometimes?
thanks for mentioning me, buddy
yes bulbapedia does but not databease
They're obviously looking for some way to get news so it might be nice to mention.
Pokémon.com doesn’t show events on the right on the day of its release they show it 1day after the event started.
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The website known as Serebii.net shows the event Pokemon and event raids for Pokémon Sword and shield so I will recommend checking the website out.