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I was just wondering if you could battle him like you did red in hg/ss

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No. There is no character named Black in Black 2....

Okay, from your EDIT.

You cannot battle against Nate, but you can battle alongside him during:

  • Your battle aginst Ingo and Emmet in Nimbasa City
  • Super Multi Trains
  • Multi Trains
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I meant the trainer you played as in the first black and white. I do not know his official name so I called him black
i do believe the male protagonist is named Hilbert and the female protagonist Hilda. pretty terrible names compared to the previous installments, but who are we to criticize the creative licence of the almighty giver of the Poke's, Game Freak??
RyuenjinZ3R0, they were the names in the original, alright. However, in the sequel, the names were Nate and Rosa.