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The tower in Black city. Anyways, I’m already using as many Pokémon as I can to the point where I need to use Cresselia level 68 and level 53 Cobalion.

I was wondering if I should use Kyurem and Zekrom separately or Fuse them into 1 and add that grass type sword of justice thing onto my team.

Kyurem is Bashful Zekrom is LAX. So, do I fuse and add to my team? Or keep the only 2 Pokémon I have above level 70?

Are Zekrom and Kyurem allowed in the Battle Tower? I think the best allowed Pokemon are Blaziken and therian Tornadus.
No I just used Zekrom and Kyurem best the 6th stage. Now I can’t seem to beat the 7th.

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I think you mean to say Black Tower instead of Battle Tower. As for your question, here are some tips that might help you through the challenge:
1) As you go to higher levels the levels of the opposing Pokemon will quickly increase. So you might consider training your Pokemon to higher levels as well. I personally believe that Black Tower itself is the best training place in all of Pokemon games. You can easily train many kinds of Pokemon by beating different floors and you will gain levels very quickly too. Try using a Lucky Egg to speed up the training.
2) Avoid beating all of the trainers at a particular floor. You have only one doctor per floor and one bad battle can really put you in a problematic situation for the rest of the challenge. It is key to take part in battles only when you are lost and in desperate need of a clue.
3) I think you could try fusing your Pokemon if you failed the first time with them separated. However, don't rely too heavily on only one Pokemon. It is very important to conserve the PP of the right moves as you will face more and more powerful trainers at higher levels. Black Kyurem has powerful moves but their PP is low too. It like most powerful legendaries will have a hard time taking on this type of challenge where you face many trainers back to back with limited healing options. You need to back it up with other Pokemon in your team.
Hope I helped:))

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Due to a glitch, I only have my Black kyurem level 70 and level 82 Lucario. I’m kinda worried but my Lucario is modest with Dragon Pulse Aura Sphere and Shadow ball. I think I can beat Benga with that.
Hmm you can beat Benga with that but reaching the boss trainer is the hard part.
Well I’ll just have to get some of that good luck :/