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Let's say we encountered a Ditto/Mew with Transform and we have a glitch Pokemon. Will the Ditto/Mew Transform into my glitch Pokemon, or what?

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Geez, I can't find than answer to this anywhere. Good question

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Since Glitch Pokemon only existed in Gen I, I will only be answering from a Gen I perspective, not from all Gens. Anyway, what would happen is simple, Ditto would transform into the Glitch Pokemon but not gain certain things. Once Ditto uses Transform, it will not change its Sprite into the glitch Pokemon(because it's not a real Pokemon), but it will gain the Glitch Pokemon's Moves. This Video shows what I mean. Again, this Answer is only in the Gen I perspective, because Glitch Pokemon really only existed in Gen I.

...Glitch pokemon exist in all regions but thanks anyway
i had to fight an egg on my pearl version
Does the mew in generation 1 count as a glitch Pokémon. or an Easter egg?
Glitch Pokémon didn’t only exist in Gen 1. You are forgetting about decamark in Gen 3.