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Is there any changes in breeding in B&W 2? I tried saving before getting the egg and soft reset when it hatched when I didn't like the nature, but I noticed the nature won't changed this happened 3 times or is it just pure random? And where can I find the person who will tell me if I fully EV trained my Pokemon, the girl on B&W 1 is no longer there to tell me.

Edit: Found a way to know if you're done EV training in White 2 not sure on Black2 though maybe its the same. I dont know when it will start but if you call Bianca there will be an option "Please look at effort" Then she would say ( for example my swellow), "Your swellow, it has worked really hard hasn't it?" She will even say which stats are worked for EV like " I think it worked particularly hard on its Attack and Speed!". As for if your Pokemon it not yet fully Ev trained she will say (for example my Magnezone) " Your Magnezone It seems it can work a little harder" Hope Anyone here can spread this info thanks!

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Please spread this info guys thanks! xD

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There was really ONE main change in breeding. The Everstone now passes down natures 100% of the time.
The nature is pure random, and it depends on the PID.

I'll edit when I find out where the person who tells you the EVs is located at.

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im just gonna say this, cause i dont have enough info to answer, once you get the egg, its gonna have a permanent nature from the moment you get it.