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What Pokemon are in each tier.


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The most popular and most used tiers belong to Smogon. Their tiers can be found here. However, there are other tiers as well, as tiers are unofficial and are fan-made. The DB once had tiers as well. Each Pokemon are grouped in tiers for their usage and reliability in general, to prevent battles with Magikarp vs. Arceus. The tiers are updated every here and then, but other than that tiers never change until another Generation is released, which is what causes metagame gameplay changes.
So basically there are many opinions and different tier methods, so it's not really correct to say Smogon's tiers are official.

While it is true that smogon tiers arnt the official ones they are the ones most people use so technically you can just say that the pokemon in the smogon tiers are the tiers. I dont know if you understand what im saying, but im not saying your answer is wrong.
I don't under stand what both of you are saying.
Smogon makes tiers and that what most people follow. Though many others can make tiers everyone follows Smogon tiers and therefore if you enter a battle you will probably be following smogon's tiers and rules.
Smogon is unofficially official
^ Yea that