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Ok, so I have this idea, but I don't know if it will work. So here's my idea, a Pokemon with super-luck (ability) used a move that has a high critical chance while holding scope lens. How much damage would it do and would it work? P.S i'm in White 2


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It would not add anymore damage, it would just boost the chances of a Critical Hit to actually happen. Scope Lens boosts the chances of a Critical Hit happening, and same with Super Luck.

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Is the increase in Critical Hit ratios compounded? As in, does only the one apply, or are all the increases added together?
They increase all together.
So, a high chance of criticals ... right?
Yes. No powerfuller, no weaker. Just a higher chance.
Cool! I thought it was all together! Yeah, that sounds great! So, say, Honchkrow with Super Luck, holding a Scope Lens, uses Night Slash...STAB and high chance for X2 damage. Cool!
33.3% chance