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Which move would work well in a moveset like this?

Moves that I am sure of:

Work Up (to raise attack and special attack)

Iron Tail (type-coverage for Ice-types)

Dig (type-coverage for Fire-types and Poison-types)

Which move would work better in this strategy? Solarbeam is a very powerful move with STAB (same type attack bonus), but Leaf Blade takes advantage of Leafeon's big attack stat AND has STAB, although not as high powered as Solarbeam.

If anyone can answer, that would be great. I'm trying to build good movesets for the Eevee evolutions, but this is the only one I need help on.

I'm going to just LEAF it up to you!
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Leaf Blade, definitely. Solarbeam might have a higher Base Power, but it requires two turns for it to take effect(Unless if used in the Sun). The two-turn effect makes Solarbeam weaker, only nailing a "technical" Base Power total of 60, while Leaf Blade gets an awesome 90 Base Power in only one turn, not even two. Also as you stated, Leafeon has a higher Attack Stat, so put it to use :3

One suggestion though, if you are going to use Leaf Blade, take note of the better booster that is Swords Dance, boosting the Attack Stat only. Because you only have Physical Moves if you add Leaf Blade, Swords Dance>Work Up because it goves a higher boost.

Hmm. You beat me AND had a better answer.
Thank you both for those answers. I'm going with Leaf Blade as you said.
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I also will think about what you said about Swords Dance. I had completely forgotten about it. XD
And now you know :)
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I would go with Leaf Blade. Solar Beam is of more use on Sunny Day movesets. Just go with Leaf Blade so you can take immediate advantage of Leafeon's attack.